Company Profile

LIQUIFER Space Systems was founded in 2019 in Bremen to address the growing governmental and commercial needs for innovative orbital crew systems. With a strong focus on designing habitable environments for space, LIQUIFER has earned an excellent reputation and has become a trusted partner of the European space industry. The company leverages the extensive experience of its managing directors and shareholders, who have a rich history of collaborations with major space industries and research institutions across Europe.

LIQUIFER Space Systems has a track record of several significant project achievements, including:

  • International Habitation Module (I-HAB) for the Lunar Gateway: Under contract to Thales Alenia Space Italy (TAS-I), LIQUIFER performed a preliminary design for the I-HAB interior, and developed a full-sized mock-up for human-in-the-loop tests
  • Space Home Mock-up Implementation: Under contract to TAS-I, LIQUIFER created the interior for the Space Home Mock-up
  • Technology Advancements: Under contract to institutional customers, LIQUIFER has developed extra-terrestrial habitation module concepts and prototypes, and has produced representative demonstration mock-ups.

LIQUIFER has worked with leading industry players and research institutions, such as:

  • Airbus Defence and Space (Bremen, Friedrichshafen)
  • Thales Alenia Space TAS-I (Turin)
  • OHB Systems (Bremen)
  • Space Applications Services (Zaventem)
  • DLR (Bremen, Cologne)
  • DFKI (Bremen)
  • Universities in Germany, Spain, Norway, UK, Italy, etc.

Key partners under contracts for TAS-I and ESA include Spartan Space and Sabelt.

LIQUIFER’s interdisciplinary team works in various European Space Agency (ESA) project phases, from feasibility studies to production:

  • Phase A: Feasibility and concept development
  • Phase B: Preliminary design
  • Phase C: Detailed design and development
  • Phase D: Qualification, verification, and production

The team’s expertise spans systems engineering, design, and human factors, architecture, science, and technology development.

LIQUIFER Bremen has a sister company in Vienna that adds to the expertise and provides heritage.